Doug Hensch

Episode 76 – Hile Rutledge and Hoosiers

In 1986, the film Hoosiers was released and told the story of a small high school in Indiana where the boys basketball team defies the odds with a new coach to make a run at the state title. It’s the classic David & Goliath story and it’s loosely based on a real high school in the mid-1950s.

Hile and I use the movie to talk about how the coach led this small team (it only had 7 players) against state powerhouses, a town that wanted the coach to be fired and a star player who opted not to play after the previous coach passed away. We talk about admitting mistakes, resilience, compassion and listening to the team.

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Episode 75 – Julie Fast – Getting it Done When You’re Depressed

Many people suffer from depression on a daily basis. The hard part is learning to live with it. Getting up and getting moving can seem like an insurmountable chore. You know you need to be productive but your brain just won’t cooperate.

Getting It Done When You’re Depressed, offers 50 strategies to break the cycle of inactivity that so often accompanies depression. These strategies are practical and easily applicable for anyone trying to lead a lifetime of productivity, regardless of your mood. Author, speaker and expert, Julie Fast, joins me to talk about her book and why it is so important for people with severe depression.

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Episode 74 – I want to be Ted Lasso (Part 2)

Hile and I are still interested in being a little more like Ted Lasso – one episode was not enough! In this episode we chat about courage, self-awareness, purpose and psychological safety. We also dig into a couple of our favorite Lasso quotes and the “big idea.” (Hint: We both agree on what it is and why it’s so important for leaders!)

If you haven’t watched Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, get to it!

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Episode 73 – Brian Tarallo – Surviving the Horror of Online Meetings

Do you have Zoom fatigue? Are you just tired of meeting, altogether? In this week’s episode one of the best facilitators I have ever witnessed joins us to share his secrets to getting rid of the “meeting monsters.” Brian Tarallo, Managing Director Lizard Brain Solutions, talks about how online meetings can actually be BETTER than those that are in-person (and I agree!) with just a little bit of effort. Please join us for some useful tips and tools to make your meetings great as we discuss his new book, “Surviving the Horror of Online Meetings – How to facilitate & manage meeting monsters.”

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Episode 72 – I want to be Ted Lasso (Part 1)

Have you watched the Apple TV+ show about an American football coach who is hired to manage a Premier League soccer club in the UK? Hile and I liked it because it was funny, emotional and entertaining. And, we realized that it was chock-full of leadership lessons. So, we decided to dedicate an episode (ok, 2 episodes!!!) to discussing what lessons we think Ted Lasso can teach you. In this episode, we talk about receiving feedback, soliciting ideas, being vulnerable and the importance of engaging at all levels of the organization. What’s your favorite Ted Lasso lesson?

Spoiler alert: We talk about specific scenes, characters and outcomes. You may want to watch this 10-episode series before you listen…or listen to the podcast then watch it with an eye on learning!

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Episode 71 – Kristen Cox – Stop Decorating The Fish

Problems arise every day, in business, government and non-profit organizations. Unfortunately, leaders often trade ‘looking busy’ and activity for real progress. Kristen Cox, former Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Management and budget for the state of Utah and recipient of Governing Magazine’s “Public Official of the Year” award joins us to talk about a book she co-authored with Yishai Ashlag – “Stop Decorating the Fish – Which solutions to ignore and which problems really matter.” Cox and Ashlag use a simple story about a dwindling fish population in the fictional town of Busyville to demonstrate the “Seductive 7” approaches that frequently keep leaders from truly solving big problems. In this episode we dive into how framing problems is half the battle, why we should walk away from some problems and how her blindness helped her think differently.

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Episode 70 – Hile Rutledge – Emotional Self-Awareness

Hile is back and he is REALLY self-aware!! Or, is he?? Hile and I talk about the importance of emotional self-awareness, how it is related to empathy and how we can learn it from others (even his 20-year old son!).

You will walk away from this episode with several, science-backed tools for improving your emotional self-awareness, so please let us know which one makes the most sense for you.

Finally, please don’t forget to head over to and check out their new assessment, DRiV – learn what drives you and what drains you!

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Episode 69 – William B. Irvine – The Stoic Challenge

On average, about 4,000 self-improvement books are published each year. Often, they call upon years of extensive research and have wonderful, science-backed tips for improving our lives. In this week’s episode, we talk to William B. Irvine, PhD, Professor of Philosophy at Wright State University about his new book, The Stoic Challenge – A Philosopher’s Guide to Becoming Tougher, Calmer, and More Resilient. And, while the book is new, the teachings are not. We discuss how the Stoics got it right several thousand years ago. Their goal was to live a life of tranquility and Irvine has done a masterful job of bringing Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus (Bill’s favorite, right now) and Seneca back to life with practical, life-changing tips that still resonate, today.

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Episode 68 – Hile Rutledge – What important skill are leaders potentially missing?

In this episode Hile and Doug dig into some interesting topics like self-awareness, trust, delegation, conflict and curiosity. We argue that there are a handful of essential skills that most leaders will need to be successful and that acquiring these skills builds an upward spiral of improvement. What do you think is necessary to be a good leader in today’s world?

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Episode 67 – Timothy Dukes – Present Company

Have you ever met an incredibly peaceful, compassionate person who gives you their full attention? Feels good, right? Please welcome Timothy Dukes, co-author of Present Company – Cultivating Cultures of High Performance in Teams and Organizations to the podcast. Within seconds of hearing his voice, listening to his wisdom and contemplating his ideas, you will want to get a copy of the book and dive right in.

In this episode, we define “presence,” we talk about it’s effect on teams, what enables presence and one simple thing we can all do to be present with our colleagues, friends and families, right now.

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