Looking for And Episodes

Episode 66 – Hile Rutledge – What is your favorite movie?

“What is your favorite movie?” Hile Rutledge and I pose this question to each other and do our best to find the lessons in our top ten movies. Hile’s list includes Tootsie, The Godfather and Field of Dreams. Doug talks about Rogue One, Talladega Nights and Miracle, to name a few. We found courage, transformation, humility, vision and emotional intelligence in our favorite characters. Please join us for a lively conversation, a few surprises and some tips for being a better leader.

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Episode 65 – Mark Brouker – Lessons From The Navy

What are the most critical aspects of being a great leader? While there are literally thousands of books on this subject, Capt. Mark Brouker takes a stab at this in his new book, “Lessons From the Navy: How to Earn Trust, Lead Teams, and Achieve Organizational Excellence.”

In this week’s episode of Looking for AND, we talk about the “six critical behaviors” that Brouker has identified and we dig into each one. This is probably one of the more practical shows we have had in a while. Please join us as we discuss respect, listening, Colin Powell, culture and (my favorite) humility.

Check out Mark’s book review in Forbes and this recent piece from Fast Company.

Episode 64 – Hile Rutledge – Who is your favorite non-fiction leader?

Hile Rutledge is back for another great conversation about leadership! This week, we ponder the question, “Who is your favorite non-fiction leader?” As expected, the answers we both give to this question take us down a couple of different paths. We talk about having a vision, the role of empathy, how execution is critical and the role of growth and learning. We also get into the downside of optimism and how humility just might be in short supply.

Please join us for another lively conversation as we explore the AND of leadership.

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Episode 63 – Oleg Konovalov – The Vision Code

Dr. Oleg Konovalov wanted to be an explorer when he was a kid. His vision was to investigate this beautiful planet to solve it’s greatest mysteries. As Oleg matured and paid attention to his surroundings, he decided to explore something we know less about…people.

In his latest book, “The Vision Code – How To Create And Execute A Compelling Vision For Your Business,” Oleg writes about the need for a positive, compelling vision, how to develop this vision, what mistakes to avoid and why it will help you, your company and even your family navigate this complex, every-changing world.

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Episode 62 – Hile Rutledge – How do you define leadership?

Welcome back (and forward!) to Hile Rutledge, President and Principal Consultant of OKA! Hile joined us way back in lucky episode #13 to talk all things emotional intelligence. Since then, Hile and Doug have had a number of conversations that got Doug thinking, “What if we recorded more of these discussions?”

So, Hile and Doug put their heads together and decided to just talk and hit the Record button. (Unfortunately, that means Doug gets more time to talk…) Moving forward, Hile and Doug will discuss numerous topics, all related to “leadership.” Hile will join Doug every other episode and we are excited to have him!

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Episode 61 – Dan Markovitz – The Conclusion Trap

What is the key to making better decisions? Dan Markovitz, author of “The Conclusion Trap – Four Steps to Better Decisions” argues that one of the biggest mistakes we all make is the idea that we do not understand the issue at hand as well as we could. We often rush into our decisions without having a clear, complete idea of what is in front of us.

As a “lean thinking” expert with years of experience helping non-profits, government agencies and corporations, Markovitz leads us through the four steps and gives us practical advice for just about any decision or problem we may encounter. A great book…an excellent interview!

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Episode 60 – Tom Goodell – The Four Fields of Leadership

Do we REALLY need another leadership book? If you are talking about “The Four Fields of Leadership – How People and Organizations Can Thrive In A Hyperconnected World,” then the answer is a resounding, “YES!” Author, coach and consultant Tom Goodell brings a simple framework to the leadership field that took over 20 years to morph into this important book.

We talk about emotional intelligence, how his enterprise architecture background influenced his thinking and the four unifying principles that make this a must-read for leaders at any level.

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Episode 59 – Chris Lewis – The Infinite Leader

What do Volkswagen, Wells Fargo and NASA have in common? At one point, each of these organizations with storied histories experienced a major, public failure that was a result of “catastrophic leadership.” My guest, Chris Lewis, and I talk about how it’s time to put an entirely new lens on leadership. His new book, “The Infinite Leader – Balancing the Demands of Modern Business Leadership” encourages us to consider both long and short term ways of thinking. In addition, he tells us to embrace imagination, empathy, humility, humor and (above all else) courage. We talk about the usefulness of the “Zero Model” and how DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man sketch can be used to help leaders at all levels strive for balance.

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Episode 58 – Clint Babcock – NEGOTIATING FROM THE INSIDE OUT

Clint has nearly 25 years experience developing and directing organizations’ recruiting and sales strategies, as well as coaching and mentoring “C-level” executives. In this episode, he and I talk about the art of business negotiation and his new book, “Negotiating from the Inside Out: A Playbook for Business Success.”

This book is entirely focused on the business negotiator and can help you avoid the most common mistakes, learn how your personality may affect how your negotiate and give you a simple process to improve your outcomes.

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Episode 57 – Alan Robinson – Corporate Creativity

Alan Robinson, PhD, argues that most creativity comes from the bottom up. That is, frontline employees are the source of the most and best ideas that will make your company more effective. And, he has the research to back it up. On this week’s episode, we talk about an oldie AND a goodie…“Corporate Creativity – How Innovation and Improvement Actually Happen.” It was published in 1998 and is still one of my favorite books!

Dr. Robinson shares some insights on why it’s important for leaders to demonstrate humility, why power gets in the way of good ideas and how Toyota processes over five million ideas a year!

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