Episode 32 – Megan McNealy – Reinvent The Wheel

I have heard too many people say something like, “Once I get X done, then I can focus a little more on myself so I can get in shape, eat better, etc.” Impact entrepreneur and well-being expert Megan McNealy joins me for a lively discussion about why this is all wrong.

Based on tons of research and her own personal experiences with an autoimmune disease, cancer and stressful career, Megan introduces us to a simple, science-backed approach that is centered on mind, body AND spirit. And, she argues…don’t wait for the right time to take of yourself. This approach leads to success in other domains of your life.

Check out Megan’s new book, Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Executives Leverage Well-Being for Success (available, 10/22/19) and you can get more wisdom, tips and tools on Megan’s website!

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