Joy Leach – Episode 12 – Master Certified Coach

What is a professional coach? What makes a coaching engagement effective? What can coaching teach us about negotiation and leadership?

My mentor, friend and colleague, Joy Leach brings her wisdom, candidness and coaching expertise to Looking For AND in a 30-minute podcast to answer these questions and more. Joy is a Master Certified Coach and a member of the Leadership Team with the Hudson Institute of Coaching. She shares some helpful tips for leaders, coaches and just about anyone who values personal and professional development.

Check out this episode!

2 comments on Joy Leach – Episode 12 – Master Certified Coach

  1. Yennifer Trujillo says:

    Beautiful podcast! Loved it, as PT is very important to understand your trainee experience in life in order to be helpful & by giving the right tools that will in fact move them forward and close to theirs goal is more like a life coach job instead of a PT. However, you have to be resourceful to enlighten them. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Melissa Hammer says:

    What a powerful glimpse into the gift that a coaching mindset and coaching behaviors offers anyone in the world – from coaches to leaders, parents and friends – all of us. This episode captured my attention with the focus on genuine curiosity, the ‘power of the pause’ Joy mentioned, and the impact that inquiry versus telling has on people and the world. From Woodstock to US politics – thank you for sharing, Doug and Joy!

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