Episode 62 – Hile Rutledge – How do you define leadership?

Welcome back (and forward!) to Hile Rutledge, President and Principal Consultant of OKA! Hile joined us way back in lucky episode #13 to talk all things emotional intelligence. Since then, Hile and Doug have had a number of conversations that got Doug thinking, “What if we recorded more of these discussions?”

So, Hile and Doug put their heads together and decided to just talk and hit the Record button. (Unfortunately, that means Doug gets more time to talk…) Moving forward, Hile and Doug will discuss numerous topics, all related to “leadership.” Hile will join Doug every other episode and we are excited to have him!

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Episode 61 – Dan Markovitz – The Conclusion Trap

What is the key to making better decisions? Dan Markovitz, author of “The Conclusion Trap – Four Steps to Better Decisions” argues that one of the biggest mistakes we all make is the idea that we do not understand the issue at hand as well as we could. We often rush into our decisions without having a clear, complete idea of what is in front of us.

As a “lean thinking” expert with years of experience helping non-profits, government agencies and corporations, Markovitz leads us through the four steps and gives us practical advice for just about any decision or problem we may encounter. A great book…an excellent interview!

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Episode 60 – Tom Goodell – The Four Fields of Leadership

Do we REALLY need another leadership book? If you are talking about “The Four Fields of Leadership – How People and Organizations Can Thrive In A Hyperconnected World,” then the answer is a resounding, “YES!” Author, coach and consultant Tom Goodell brings a simple framework to the leadership field that took over 20 years to morph into this important book.

We talk about emotional intelligence, how his enterprise architecture background influenced his thinking and the four unifying principles that make this a must-read for leaders at any level.

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Episode 59 – Chris Lewis – The Infinite Leader

What do Volkswagen, Wells Fargo and NASA have in common? At one point, each of these organizations with storied histories experienced a major, public failure that was a result of “catastrophic leadership.” My guest, Chris Lewis, and I talk about how it’s time to put an entirely new lens on leadership. His new book, “The Infinite Leader – Balancing the Demands of Modern Business Leadership” encourages us to consider both long and short term ways of thinking. In addition, he tells us to embrace imagination, empathy, humility, humor and (above all else) courage. We talk about the usefulness of the “Zero Model” and how DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man sketch can be used to help leaders at all levels strive for balance.

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Episode 58 – Clint Babcock – NEGOTIATING FROM THE INSIDE OUT

Clint has nearly 25 years experience developing and directing organizations’ recruiting and sales strategies, as well as coaching and mentoring “C-level” executives. In this episode, he and I talk about the art of business negotiation and his new book, “Negotiating from the Inside Out: A Playbook for Business Success.”

This book is entirely focused on the business negotiator and can help you avoid the most common mistakes, learn how your personality may affect how your negotiate and give you a simple process to improve your outcomes.

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Episode 57 – Alan Robinson – Corporate Creativity

Alan Robinson, PhD, argues that most creativity comes from the bottom up. That is, frontline employees are the source of the most and best ideas that will make your company more effective. And, he has the research to back it up. On this week’s episode, we talk about an oldie AND a goodie…“Corporate Creativity – How Innovation and Improvement Actually Happen.” It was published in 1998 and is still one of my favorite books!

Dr. Robinson shares some insights on why it’s important for leaders to demonstrate humility, why power gets in the way of good ideas and how Toyota processes over five million ideas a year!

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Episode 56 – Omar Harris – The Servant Leader’s Manifesto

What can Star Wars teach us about modern day leadership? How is a 50+ year old concept (servant leadership) more important than ever? Why do some managers engage in toxic behaviors?

Please join Omar L. Harris and I as we try to answer these questions and discuss his new book, “The Servant Leader’s Manifesto.” We also discuss some of the top toxic behaviors, how to let go of micromanaging and the importance of humility. And, as a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Omar shares why Head Coach Mike Tomlin is a great example for us all.

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Episode 55 – Josh Weiss – The Book of Real-World Negotiations

Josh Weiss is back! He’s got a new book (“The Book of Real-World Negotiations: Successful Strategies From Business, Government, and Daily Life“) that helps all of us create more “AND-like” situations when we negotiate. On this week’s episode we dive head first into the myths of negotiation, what is the best way to plan, why information is the “currency of negotiation” and how to help the other person form a collaborative mindset.

Josh and I also discuss the role of emotional intelligence, why it’s important to create a “possiblist” frame when negotiating and a question that opens the door to generating more options (one of the most important parts of a sticky negotiation).

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Episode 54 – Rob Hartnett – It’s All Possible

What do you think when you see the title of a book being “It’s All Possible – How to lead an epic life and unleash the high performance hero within you?” I’m a big believer in the positive role of optimism, hope and positive emotions AND I’m kind of a skeptic by nature. Well Rob Hartnett, set me straight…he’s no skeptic and he does not believe in being overly optimistic.

Rob has been studying successful people for decades and now he’s sharing his secrets. Join us when we talk about being realistically optimistic, when you are really in control and five questions Rob asks himself just about every day.

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Episode 53 – Terri Jacke – Is This A Lousy Job Or Is It Me?

When was the last time you thought of developing your own character? How would you feel if you knew there were multiple stages to character development that directly impacted your ability to be effective at work and find peace in your professional life?

Terri Jacke, executive coach and author of “Is This A Lousy Job Or Is It Me? A Real-Life Guide For Achieving Success At Work” takes us through these stages and helps us understand how to learn from each stage and move to the next. Some great advice that you will not want to miss!

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