Episode 23 – Josh Weiss – The Negotiator in You

I hate conflict. I usually do whatever it takes to avoid disagreement and arguments…and it has cost me dearly. Resentment, missed opportunities and a true sharing of information are at risk when we run from disagreement. And, there are downsides to enjoying conflict or looking at it as a form of competition.

Josh Weiss, speaker, consultant and author of The Negotiator In You – Negotiation Tips to Help You Get the Most out of Every Interaction at Home, Work, and in Life joins me to dispel some of the myths of conflict and provide tips for win-win results. He identifies the currency of negotiation, how to manage your emotions, why it’s important to identify iceberg beliefs when in conflict and much more.

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Episode 22 – Jonah Sachs – Unsafe Thinking

When was the last time you were truly bored? What did you do about it? Did you know that just anxiety can actually make you more creative? Can monkeys make better predictions than experts by simply throwing darts? (I promise no monkeys were harmed during the research!)

Jonah Sachs, author of Unsafe Thinking – How To Be Nimble & Bold When You Need It Most, joins us to answer these questions, make us a little uncomfortable and help us understand how optimizing might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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Episode 21 – Kathleen Loehr – Gender Matters

Did you know that there is over $400 billion (yes, BILLION!) of philanthropic giving in the US each year? Did you also know that there is an untapped group that can make the number even higher?

Please meet Kathleen Loehr, author, consultant and coach. Loehr recently published Gender Matters – A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy. She sat down with me to talk about how her childhood desire to be a spy (yes, a spy!) has come true, how women give more than men and how empathy just might be driving all of this. Loehr also helps us address political polarization and the future of work from a very coach-like point of view.

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Episode 20 – Ryan Niemiec – The Power of Character Strengths

Have you ever wondered what makes some people achieve more than others? Or, what are the real building blocks to well being? Maybe even…what contributes to the success of romantic relationships? Finally, what might the research be telling us about the political polarization in the US?

Dr. Ryan Niemiec, Director of Education for the Values in Action Institute has been working on these questions (and others) for years. Niemiec’s answer is interesting AND practical – find ways to apply your psychological strengths. In this episode we’ll talk about how strengths represent the potential for goodness in the world, why it may be important to appreciate the strengths of your partner and how you can apply your strengths at work in 3, simple steps.

If you want to take the free strengths survey, go to www.VIAcharacter.org. If you want to read a really good book on the subject AND apply your strengths more effectively, check out The Power of Character Strengths – Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality.

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Episode 19 – Rob Richie – FairVote.org

Have you ever paused and thought…if I vote for this third party candidate, I might be just throwing my vote away? What are the benefits of moving to a popular vote instead of the electoral college?

Rob Richie, CEO President of FairVote.org, has some pretty interesting answers to these questions. His organization is dedicated to making sure that Americans can vote as freely and effectively as possible. He’ll tell us how ranked choice voting works, why it might be a more effective tool for choosing candidates and why it might be time to set aside the electoral college.

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Episode 18 – Alf Rehn – Innovation for the Fatigued

I’m tired with all this talk about “innovation” and “creativity”…and, so is international consultant and innovation expert Alf Rehn. So, he channeled his anger into a great new book, Innovation for the Fatigued – How to Build a Culture of Deep Creativity. Alf shares what he has learned about innovation and distilled them into some concrete, practical tips. On this podcast you will learn about the value of “spirit of generosity,” why diversity is critical to your efforts and why you don’t need a bunch of geniuses to come up with all the good ideas. And, yes, with that first name I just had to ask him about the 80s sitcom of the same name…

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Episode 17 – Frans Johansson – The Medici Effect

Have you ever wondered creativity really comes from? Frans Johansson, author of The Medici Effect – What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation and CEO of The Medici Group asked the same question and his hunch was right! Creativity most often occurs at the “intersection.” This could be two scientific fields, two business disciplines or simply two, diverse people. In this episode, Frans helps us understand why diversity is not just a buzzword, what role humility plays in innovation and what criteria we should use to judge new ideas.

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Episode 16 – Josh Mensch – The First Conspiracy

Did you know that the American Revolution was almost over before the real fighting began? Did you know that a large percentage of the population actually sided with the British during this same time and that George Washington didn’t even consider himself fit to lead the Continental Army? Actually, neither did I…

Please join me as I speak with NY Times best-selling author Josh Mensch as we explore the implications of these questions and how they inform us, today. His new book, co-authored with Brad Meltzer (The First Conspiracy – The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington) has been on the NY Times best-seller list for over two months and is absolutely fascinating.

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Episode 15 – Mike Normant – Coach Your Self Up

Who do you talk to more than anyone else? Could it be yourself? Mike Normant, certified Executive Coach and author takes time out of his busy schedule to talk about his new book: Coach Your Self Up. Mike helps us understand how he went from electrical engineering to consulting to human resources…then hit the ‘Pause’ button to figure out what he really wanted to be.

In this episode Mike & I talk about bringing a coaching “flavor” to our conversations with ourselves, a six-syllable word for “hope,” and the ultimate superpower that anyone can have (with a little work).

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Episode 14 – Mike & Katie Stallard – Connection Culture

Why is it that some organizations consistently outperform their competitors AND serve as great places to work? Is it the right strategy? Is it great leadership? Mike and Katie Stallard of E Pluribus Partners help organizations such as Sloan Kettering, NASA and others build what they call a “connection culture” where Vision, Value and Voice help employees, partners and customers feel engaged, empowered and energized. This dynamic duo shares their story of cancer, loneliness and resilience in a thought-provoking and inspiring episode.

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