Episode 29 – John Baldoni – Grace, A Leader’s Guide to a Better US

Your typical leadership book talks about developing strategy, managing people, working through uncertainty and coping with change, among other things. Grace – A Leader’s Guide To A Better Us is not your typical leadership book. Author, coach and leadership expert John Baldoni joins me to talk about generosity, respect, action, compassion and energy. His book is exactly what we need as incivility has risen sharply since 2016. Baldoni helps us understand that we need a new type of leadership – one that requires humility AND effectiveness.

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Episode 28 – Rick Snyder – Decisive Intuition

One super power that I would love to have…making better decisions! One of my problems is finding the right formula or process as Amazon.com has over 50,000 books on the subject! Enter Rick Snyder and his new book, Decisive Intuition: Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions. Rick argues that we have been taught to ignore our intuition when, in many cases, we have all the information we need AND we just need to listen to that gut instinct to make the best decision available to us in a timely manner. We cover the three types of intuition, pay homage to Malcom Gladwell and hypothesize that growing up in a safe neighborhood may have been the catalyst for this book!

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Episode 27 – Chris Griffiths – The Creative Thinking Handbook

On page 1 of Chris Griffiths’ new book, The Creative Thinking Handbook, he writes, “Knowledge is no longer power.” And, I was hooked… In the latest episode of Looking for AND, Chris talks about being a Cleveland Browns fan, wanting to be an astronaut and how our education system probably needs an overhaul. We also get into the creative problem-solving process, biases and why it’s important to ‘slow down to speed up.’ You can learn more about Chris and his company at www.OpenGenius.com and download a number of free creativity tools at www.Thinking.space

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Episode 26 – Kelly Ross – Fearless Feedback

“Can I give you some feedback?” That phrase can create anxiety for the person asking the question and the person who is on the receiving end. Executive coach, consultant and facilitator, Kelly Ross, joins us to talk about a new book that she co-authored with 6 of her closest friends – Fearless Feedback: A Guide For Coaching Leaders To See Themselves More Clearly And Galvanize Growth.

Kelly & I talk about the value of feedback, common mistakes that leaders make and how to get better at giving and receiving. You can check out Kelly’s credentials and services at www.RossAssociates.com and you can learn more about this incredibly practical, wisdom-filled book at www.FearlessFeedbackGuide.com – and, don’t forget to buy a copy for your boss!

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Episode 25 – Amy Climer – The Deliberate Creative

What would it do for you or your team if you could be more creative? My bet is that more and better ideas would make you more productive and better at problem-solving. Amy Climer, PhD, joins me on this episode as we talk about the research-backed secrets to increasing creativity, innovation and collaboration. To get started, right now, talk to your team about implementing these seven norms of collaboration:

1 – Pause: Give yourself a second or two think about responding to a teammate.

2 – Paraphrase: Gain clarity with the speaker by helping them check for understanding AND spark ideas with others listening.

3 – Pose questions: Inquire into others’ ideas BEFORE presenting your own.

4 – Put ideas on the table: A “tentative” way to offer the group something to consider.

5 – Provide data: Present both qualitative and quantitative data to the discussion to create shared meaning.

6 – Pay attention to self & others: Be conscious of how you and others are contributing to or detracting from the group’s effectiveness.

7 – Presume positive intentions: Start from a “good” place with the actions and words of others to advance the team’s progress.

And, by the way, here is Amy’s TEDxAsheville Talk on The Power of Creative Teams.

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Episode 24 – Brandon Copeland – New York Jets

What do you think you can learn about life from a linebacker in the NFL? As it turns out, a lot! Brandon Copeland’s list of accomplishments at age 27 is already pretty long – captain of the University of Pennsylvania Ivy League champion football team, NFL player, professor and accomplished speaker.

This week, he takes time out of his busy schedule to talk about “Life 101” – a course that he teaches at Penn where students learn to make better decisions about their financial well being and plan for the future while being honest about today. Brandon is not your run-of-the-mill professional athlete and he’ll tell you why without bragging – leave that to me!

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Episode 23 – Josh Weiss – The Negotiator in You

I hate conflict. I usually do whatever it takes to avoid disagreement and arguments…and it has cost me dearly. Resentment, missed opportunities and a true sharing of information are at risk when we run from disagreement. And, there are downsides to enjoying conflict or looking at it as a form of competition.

Josh Weiss, speaker, consultant and author of The Negotiator In You – Negotiation Tips to Help You Get the Most out of Every Interaction at Home, Work, and in Life joins me to dispel some of the myths of conflict and provide tips for win-win results. He identifies the currency of negotiation, how to manage your emotions, why it’s important to identify iceberg beliefs when in conflict and much more.

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Episode 22 – Jonah Sachs – Unsafe Thinking

When was the last time you were truly bored? What did you do about it? Did you know that just anxiety can actually make you more creative? Can monkeys make better predictions than experts by simply throwing darts? (I promise no monkeys were harmed during the research!)

Jonah Sachs, author of Unsafe Thinking – How To Be Nimble & Bold When You Need It Most, joins us to answer these questions, make us a little uncomfortable and help us understand how optimizing might not be all it’s cracked up to be.

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Episode 21 – Kathleen Loehr – Gender Matters

Did you know that there is over $400 billion (yes, BILLION!) of philanthropic giving in the US each year? Did you also know that there is an untapped group that can make the number even higher?

Please meet Kathleen Loehr, author, consultant and coach. Loehr recently published Gender Matters – A Guide to Growing Women’s Philanthropy. She sat down with me to talk about how her childhood desire to be a spy (yes, a spy!) has come true, how women give more than men and how empathy just might be driving all of this. Loehr also helps us address political polarization and the future of work from a very coach-like point of view.

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Episode 20 – Ryan Niemiec – The Power of Character Strengths

Have you ever wondered what makes some people achieve more than others? Or, what are the real building blocks to well being? Maybe even…what contributes to the success of romantic relationships? Finally, what might the research be telling us about the political polarization in the US?

Dr. Ryan Niemiec, Director of Education for the Values in Action Institute has been working on these questions (and others) for years. Niemiec’s answer is interesting AND practical – find ways to apply your psychological strengths. In this episode we’ll talk about how strengths represent the potential for goodness in the world, why it may be important to appreciate the strengths of your partner and how you can apply your strengths at work in 3, simple steps.

If you want to take the free strengths survey, go to www.VIAcharacter.org. If you want to read a really good book on the subject AND apply your strengths more effectively, check out The Power of Character Strengths – Appreciate and Ignite Your Positive Personality.

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